5 thoughts on “Ant-Man Trailer

  1. Ant Man was one of the worst superheros Marvel ever published for sheer uselessless of concept. He was always at the cusp between a successful title for Marvel, and ending up in the waste basket with other Marvel blunders. So what can their thinking behind an Ant Man movie possibly be? A tax loss? Is Marvel making too much money and the tax man sniffing around? Could the simply be running out of plausible subjects in their quest to produce 26 superhero films a year, every year, in perpetuity (just like the comic book biz)? It seems unlikely … I mean … they haven’t done Rocket Racoon (not on his own), Luke Cage, Man Thing or… um … did Marvel ever do a Banana Man? Looking at a list on Wikipedia I see that Marvel did create a boat-load of superheroes over the years, they’ve pretty much used up all the memorable ones. But when has a realistic self-appraisal ever stopped Stan Lee’s Merry March of Merchandizing?

  2. This is from Marvel, whose idea of a superhero movie includes “here’s a talking tree and a gun-obsessed raccoon”. If they’re releasing Ant-Man it’s because they think moviegoers will have fun watching it (and pay them lots of money for the privilege). Nothing deeper than that.

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