Apex Magazine #71 Released

ApexMag71_largeApex Magazine #71 features original fiction by Sean Robinson (“Beatification of the Second Fall”), A.C. Wise (“Silver Buttons All Down His Back”), Octavia Cade (“Crow”), Naomi Kritzer (“Wind”), and Lia Swope Mitchell (“Slow”).

Two poems, by Isabel Yap and Keith S. Wilson, have been selected by Poetry Editor Bianca Spriggs.

Jennie Goloboy discusses class and writing fantasy novels in her nonfiction article. There are interviews with A.C. Wise and cover artist Adrian Borda.

Exclusive to the eBook/subscriber edition is a reprint by Yzabel Ginsberg.

April’s podcast is “Beatification of the Second Fall” by Sean Robinson.

All of the original fiction, poetry, and nonfiction is available for free on the Apex Magazine website here.

The entire issue is available for only $2.99 in PDF, ePub, and mobi formats direct from Apex, or through Weightless Books, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Subscriptions are also available on either a yearly or monthly basis.

Beatification of the Second Fall” by Sean Robinson
Silver Buttons All Down His Back” by AC Wise
Crow” by Octavia Cade
Wind” by Naomi Kritzer
Slow” by Lia Swope Mitchell
“This Thing of Darkness” by Yzabel Ginsberg (eBook/subscriber exclusive)

The Multiple Lives of Juan and Pedro” by Isabel Yap
there must be a surefire way to separate the ravens from the crows” by Keith S. Wilson

Words from the Editor-in-Chief” by Jason Sizemore
Never Enough Farmers! Class and Writing Fantasy Novels” by Jennie Goloboy
Apex Author Interview with AC Wise” by Andrea Johnson
Apex Cover Artist Interview with Adrian Borda” by Russell Dickerson
Clavis Aurea: A Review of Short Fiction” by Charlotte Ashley

Podcast Fiction
Download Podcast #22 (“Beatification of the Second Fall” by Sean Robinson) or listen using the player below. (27:49 in length)

[Editorial note: Apologies for allowing this item to fall through the cracks while I was covering the Hugo kerfuffle…]