Apex Magazine #81 Released


Apex Magazine #81 features original fiction by Benjanun Sriduangkaew, Daniel Rosen, and Betsy Phillips.

Heather Morris, Mike Jewett, Crystal Lynn Hilbert, and Laurel Dixon have contributed four poems.

Andrea Johnson interviewed Benjanun Sriduangkaew about her story and writing. Russell Dickerson talked with cover artist David Demaret about his work.

Also in the issue is a reprint of Nick Mamatas’s novelette “On the Occasion of My Retirement.”

Over the course of the month all of the issue’s content will be made available free online. The immediately available material is linked below and, for the rest, the release schedule is shown.

The full issue can be purchased now for $2.99, in PDF, ePub, or mobi formats direct from Apex of through one of their online retailers. Subscriptions are also available.



  • Anabaptist by Daniel Rosen (Short Fiction, February 8th)
  • Interview with David Demaret, Cover Artist by Russell Dickerson (February 10th)
  • Little and Red by Crystal Lynn Hilbert (Poetry, February 12th)


  • The Four Gardens of Fate by Betsy Phillips (Short Fiction, February 16th)
  • Arrhythmia by Heather Morris (Poetry, February 18th)


  • On the Occasion of My Retirement by Nick Mamatas (Novelette, February 22nd)
  • Glitch Rain by Alex Livingston (Novel Excerpt, February 23rd)
  • Paper Unicorn by Laurel Dixon (Poetry, February 25th)

Podcast Fiction Download Podcast #32 (“The Four Gardens of Fate” by ) or listen using the player at the Apex website. (26:30 in length)

17 thoughts on “Apex Magazine #81 Released

  1. I see our field’s long tradition of sheltering and publishing abusers is continuing. If Sriduangkaew can continue to publish in prominent genre magazines despite being the most notorious cyberbully in the field–to the point of instigating at least one suicide attempt–then I suppose we’re not really as far along the whole ‘get abusers out of the field’ path as I’d hoped.

  2. @XS:

    Not the last I read.

    Plenty of other places to give my custom to, anyhow.

  3. I’m not boycotting the magazine.

    I just see no reason to give it any priority amongst the myriad of things I have to read and do.

  4. Why is her name first??

    I am inundated with things to read (not just SF). So when I have even a whiff of a reason to pass on something, I do. This magazine and its stories get a pass unless someone raves about one of the other stories.

  5. Why is her name first?

    The curve of the bubble in the art. Her name’s the longest, and it’s in the position with the most horizontal space.

    I would have wanted to put Nick’s name second, to continue the curve better, but since his story’s a reprint they may not have wanted to do that.

  6. Skip it. I read it out of curiosity, and wished I hadn’t. Yet another turgid effort written in self-consciously purple prose about how cool genocide is. Add in a protag who’s a rich woman in a me-me-me flounce because the world is so mean. Self-insertion much?

    I’d been thinking of subscribing to to the magazine, as several really good stories have showed up there over the past few months, but if she’s going to be showing up in it, I think I’m better off continuing to buy the occasional issue.

  7. Add me to the list of people who aren’t buying this issue, nor any other in which she appears, and is side-eyeing the whole magazine.

    I have plenty of other places to spend my time and money.

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