Apex Magazine Subscription Drive Hits Goal

Apex Magazine reached the $5,000 level by the deadline, therefore the January 2016 issue will include the promised novelette by Ursula Vernon set in the same universe as her Nebula award-winning story “Jackalope Wives”.

2 thoughts on “Apex Magazine Subscription Drive Hits Goal

  1. Speaking of Apex, I just got The Apex Book of World SF 4 and noticed in the back there were ads for the first three volumes with the covers all of an artistic theme with each other (and with volume 4) as opposed to the “randomish science-fictiony artwork” covers originally used for the first three volumes. I liked the new covers better, so I cropped them out of the ads and replaced the covers on my copies of the earlier volumes. If anyone else wants to do the same, here are the new covers in a zip:


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