Apex’s Christmas Invasion

Apex Publications is now taking submissions to its annual flash fiction contest. The theme this year: Apex’s Christmas Invasion.

That’s right. This year our flash fiction contest is all about Christmas invasions. Whether your invaders are robots, aliens, or sentient Christmas ornaments is completely up to you, but if you want to win, you must write us a story no longer than 250 words that deals with an invasion and Christmas.

Everyone who enters will receive a free copy of Apex Magazine, the issue of their choice. (Let them know which issue you want and they will send you a download link.)

There will be three winners. Their stories will be featured in the December issue of Apex Magazine and the authors will be paid 6 cents per word. In addition, the authors will get three Apex books of their choice (see the catalog here.)

The rules:

  • Submissions close at 11:59pm EST, November 16.
  • Stories must be 250 words or fewer. If a story is longer than that, it will be deleted unread.
  • A person can enter up to 3 times — submit each entry in a separate email.
  • Submissions should include a brief cover letter, including which issue of Apex Magazine you’d like to receive, as well as the story.
  • Stories should be in the body of the email. Do NOT send attachments.
  • Send all submissions to apexwritingcontest@gmail.com.

If you have any questions or would like to query about the status of your submission, email managing editor Lesley Conner at lesley@apex-magazine.com.

2 thoughts on “Apex’s Christmas Invasion

  1. Well, I made a couple of submissions. Here’s one which I didn’t think made the cut; for one its not an invasion, and for another, the message came out a bit more strongly than I originally set out to write. So since I didn’t submit, maybe someone will appreciate it:

    A Highly-political Christmas Statement From Santa Claus Regarding Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws for Non-violent Drug Offenders in 250 Words Or Less


    [Silly But True]

    Twiddledinks the Elf read the headline of October 6, 2015 again: “Justice Department set to free 6,000 prisoners, largest one-time release.” He stammered aloud, “B… ba… but…” before managing to force out his point: “Our whole system will be turned upside down!”
    “You’re overreacting Twiddleydinks.” It was Twiddleydinks’ foreman.
    “Overreacting? Overreacting? They all got coal last year. Do I leave them on the ‘bad’ list or move them to the ‘good’ list?”
    “Well, they were drug offenders…”
    Twiddleydinks cut him off, “–But the drug laws they offended have largely been overturned or are being overturned in many of the jurisdictions they received the harshest sentences! Moreover, the President has begun granting outright clemency to nonviolent drug offenders…”
    “Well, maybe we can move those immediately to the ‘Good’ list and leave the others as a ‘maybe.'” The foreman was growing tired of the conversation and now just looking to close the file.
    “I’m going to talk to the Big Man.” Twiddleydinks meant Santa Claus of course.
    “No one talks to the Big Man, we just make the toys!”
    “I’m going!”
    Twiddleydinks walked down the long hallway from the Foreman’s office towards the room at the end. His elf shoes squeaked, squeaked, squeaked with his every step. He heard Santa’s unmistakable voice booming from the closed door: “Ho Ho Ho!”
    Twiddleydinks saw the door was ajar, and lightly pushed it open.
    Sitting back in his chair, sat the jolly fat man. Smoking a joint and laughing uncontrollably, “Ho ho…”

    Merry Christmas in advance.

    Silly But True

  2. Not too bad, but needs some tightening. Which is an odd thing to say about a super-short, but it drags a bit. And you might want to consider using a few more commas. (Note: I am not a professional editor, or even an amateur one. Take all advice at your own risk.)

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