ApolloCon 2016 Cancelled

Alison Parker, President of the Houston Science Fiction Association, has announced the organization will not be hosting ApolloCon in 2016. The con has been held annually since 2004, and HSFA also has sponsored a writer’s workshop in conjunction with ApolloCon since 2006.

Parker wrote on the convention’s website:

We’re looking forward to our future events and hope that we can stay connected with you throughout the next year.  We know that this news may be a disappointment, but we are looking for your support in making our events even better going forward.

No reason for the cancellation was given on either the website or ApolloCon’s Facebook page.

Last year, Jim C. Hines was ApolloCon’s GoH and he reported having a fine time.

3 thoughts on “ApolloCon 2016 Cancelled

  1. ApolloCon is a fine, small convention. A couple years ago Valerie and I went to it and had a fine time. David Gerrold was the GoH,Theresa Mather was artist GoH, and the folks running the con did a splendid job. The folks running it hold the event usually in Houston the month before ArmadilloCon (Austin) and spaced out to not conflict with ConDFW, Conestoga, and other Texas regional conventions. I look forward to ApolloCon’s return.

  2. I had a fine time indeed. I hope whatever’s going on behind the scenes, they’re able to get through it come together for another amazing convention in 2017.

  3. This saddens me. ApolloCon was always right around our wedding anniversary, and my wife and I always looked forward to making the trip. I look forward to their eventual return.

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