Are Your Ears Burning J.J. Abrams?

Giant Freakin Robot says fans at a convention voted J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek: Into Darkness the worst Star Trek movie ever. The fans also anointed the Trek spoof GalaxyQuest an honorary Star Trek movie and voted it seventh on their list of favorites. With both thoughts in mind GFR passed along the latest video in the satirical “What if J.J. Abrams made….?” canon, a trailer for the Abrams version of GalaxyQuest.

First off in this reimagining, if Abrams helmed Galaxy Quest it would bear the overly serious subtitle The Omega 13 Prophecies…. You may also notice a lack of Abrams’ trademark, and oft debated, lens flare. I’m okay with that.

James H. Burns has noticed this trend of creating Trek humor at Abrams’ expense himself. When he sent me a link to the science news item titled ”At last Voyager 1 slips into interstellar space” he added, “A Star Trek, The Motion Picture PREQUEL? Just don't tell J.J. Abrams!”

NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft exited the vast bubble of particles that encircles the sun and planets on August 25, 2012, mission scientists report

NASA launched Voyager 1 and 2 in 1977 to explore the outer planets, but from the beginning Stone’s team hoped the probes would survive long enough to investigate the region of space where our star’s dominance finally wanes.

[Thanks to David Klaus and James H. Burns for the stories.]

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4 thoughts on “Are Your Ears Burning J.J. Abrams?

  1. “Star Trek Into Darkness Was The Worst Trek Film? Simon Pegg Says F*ck You.”

    “I can’t help but feel for the guy. It’s never any fun to be on the sharp end of a rabid fanbase convinced the thing you helped make is worthy of nothing more than tarring, feathering, and a quick boot out of town.

    “I’m with Pegg: that’s a crock of horseshit. (That said, Galaxy Quest is totally a better Star Trek movie than Into Darkness. But then Galaxy Quest is a better Star Trek movie than quite a few of the actual Star Trek movies.)”

    “Star Trek Into Darkness Writer Slams Naysaying Fans”

    “ moderator Matt Wright has confirmed that the user name “boborci” is in fact screenwriter Roberto Orci.”

    Mr. Orci wrote several comments in the thread, so rather than make a poor attempt to slice through them (and probably not giving the correct impression of his thoughts), I’ll simply note the page URL and let interested readers do a Find on the word ‘boborci’:

    And then there’s this, from the same page, which is actually rather cool:

  2. Who faults the actors? Well … I do find the guy playing Kirk to be annoying and several of the others are just way off model — Simon Pegg’s among them. But Scotty is supposed to be an older man, anyway, who had years of Star Fleet experience as an engineer on other ships before Kirk ever graduated. Pegg’s Scotty has to be some other man entirely, who happens to be named Montgomery Scott, that’s all…

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