Arisia 2016 Photos

By Daniel P. Dern: I took hundreds of pix at Arisia 2016 on Saturday… so for a change, rather than try to wrangle them all before doing anything with them, I  thought I’d select a near-dozen ASAP, and post while the con was actually still happening:[email protected]/sets/72157663670723435

In particular, the first two:

Dr Fate (Nabu) (via DC Comics)


Armored polar bear, from The Golden Compass. Dunno if this can qualify for “best young fan” category 🙂


8 thoughts on “Arisia 2016 Photos

  1. I once knew of a dog who won in best young fan category — they counted in people years. But even dog years, if doggy is 2 or less would work.

  2. That’s an awesome Dr. Fate/Nabu, and a great use for the floating trick!

    And oh, the bear – “best animal companion”? 😀

  3. Re the armored bear costume: I’m not sure if the obligatory pun would be, “Protect the right to arm(or) bears” or something else. The dog didn’t seem unhappy 🙂

    It should be noted that the dog’s owner/costumer was also showcasing, if I understood correctly, a costumed trio – dancing duo plus fiddler — tres elegant. Yet something else I should have grabbed short video of rather than just taking (not yet posted) shots…

  4. Those are great! Is the dog a service dog or were pets generally welcomed at the location?

    Off to Google “floating trick” cuz I’m mystified by how Dr Fate is hovering there.

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