Arisia Inc. Election Results

Arisia Inc. has posted the result of today’s Eboard elections. Over 150 members, many of them new, participated in the seven-and-a-half hour meeting held November 11.


  • Nicholas “Phi” Shectman

Vice President

  • Alan Wexelblat


  • Kris Pelletier


  • Sol Houser

Member-at-Large (one vacant of three total positions)

  • Cassandra Lease

Lease fills the vacancy created by the resignation of Sharon Sbarsky. Two other Members-at-Large elected in September continued in office —

  • Member-At-Large: Andy Rosequist
  • Member-At-Large: RaShawn Seams

Neither Benjamin Levy nor Rick Kovalcik, who resigned from the Eboard but stood for re-election, were returned to office.

8 thoughts on “Arisia Inc. Election Results

  1. Pre-fifth

    (and I suspect those who stayed through that whole meeting needed more than a fifth afterwards)

  2. Seven and a half hour meeting? I would be an axe murderer after the first hour! I mean, good on them, and I’m glad they were doing the work and stuff, but seven and a half hours? That must have been brutal.

  3. I immediately went home, ordered pizza, and watched Doctor Who. It was necessary, but I can’t say it was fun. Still: Arisia is my home con and I am determined to do better by our community.

  4. It was actually 2 meetings. The Welcome to Arisia meeting which was planned for 1:45 PM for 15 minutes to give new people voting rights actually ran from 2 PM to 3 PM. The main meeting ran from 3 PM to 9:30 PM and ending mostly because we lost the space (due to their licensing) at 9:30 PM. A number of committees never got to report and there was very limited new business. The results of the Member-At-Large election were actually announced between 9:30 PM an 10 PM while we were still breaking down the room. There was a dinner break at 6 PM when food was brought in.

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