Arlene Martel (1936-2014)

Arlene Martel and Robert Culp in "Demon With a Glass Hand."

Arlene Martel and Robert Culp in “Demon With a Glass Hand.”

Arlene Martel, an actress with a vast number of genre TV credits, passed away August 12. The announcement was made on Marc (These Are The Voyages) Cushman’s Facebook page, noting the actress had recently suffered a heart attack.

She was most famous for playing Spock’s wife T’Pring in the Star Trek episode “Amok Time.”

Arlene Martel and Harlan Ellison in November 2011.

Arlene Martel and Harlan Ellison in November 2011.

Her next most memorable role on Sixties sf TV was playing Consuelo in Harlan Ellison’s Outer Limits episode “Demon With a Glass Hand.” She also appeared on I Dream of Jeannie, Wild, Wild WestBewitchedMy Favorite Martian, and Twilight Zone.

More recently Martel was in a Star Trek webisode, Of Gods and Men, playing a Vulcan priestess at a marriage ceremony between Uhura and a Vulcan.

In 2012 Martel authored Mixed Messages with Jeff Minniti, an autobiography of their romance.

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7 thoughts on “Arlene Martel (1936-2014)

  1. I am so sad to hear of Arlene ‘ s passing. I met her once and spoke with her many times. I know she will be missed by many. My condolences to her family. May she Rest In Peace.

  2. One of the dangerous things I do as I walk home from work is to stop-in at my favorite bookshop. While in there the Star Trek Voyager actor, Ethan Phillips, who played Neelix came in. The bookshop had an 8×10 of her already on display. I had to tell him she has just passed.

  3. Arlene was such a beautiful person who I knew well for many decades. A younger Arline Sax was James Dean’s girlfriend in NYC during the early 1950’s before Dean became a film star. Besides being a talented actress in nearly 100 TV episodes, Arlene co-starred in Angels From Hell…now a motorcycle cult movie filmed in 1968. Recently Arlene attended the UCLA Film & TV Archive screening of the James Dean Story (1957). Tasha will be missed by her loyal fans and movie land friends. My sincere condolences to her family. Lee Raskin, Baltimore, MD; James Dean historian/author — James Dean At Speed, 2005

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