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By Dann Todd: A link popped up recently over on Reddit for an artist in China. Jian Guo is an artist that has done work inspired by various science fiction and fantasy properties ranging from Lord of the Rings to Star Wars. He has done cover work for the Chinese versions of some of Brandon Sanderson’s books.

Fellowship of the Ring by Jian Guo

Star Wars: Phantom Menace by Jian Guo

Mistborn cover by Jian Guo

And it is simply mind-blowing. There is a larger offering on Guo’s Deviant Art page. And of course, prints of selected images are available in exchange for a bit of filthy lucre.

Expect to spend a significant amount of time exploring his unusual take on various SF/F properties as well as his interpretations of Chinese legends.

8 thoughts on “Art On A Lark

  1. That is stunning!! Thank you for sharing. Hugo-worthy.

    Deviant Art contains an amazing array of art. Every time I stop by I spend hours there.

  2. Those are breathtaking. The one for Guardians of the Galaxy is really interesting.

  3. If I had the money, I’d own several of those prints right now.

    Whatever it is that hits the fan will not be evenly distributed.

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