Audible Calls

Steve Feldberg of Audible Frontiers has more ear-pleasing science fiction coming out.

The full press release is after the jump.

Lots of great new audio releases this month from Audible Frontiers…!

As always, all Unabridged and all available only at Audible and iTunes…

CITY WITHOUT END: The Entire and the Rose, Book 3 by Kay Kenyon –Simultaneous release with the book, just out today –Fantastic world building & great adventure

The MARLA MASON series by T.A. Pratt
–Audible has all 4 titles in Tim Pratt’s fun series about the chief sorcerer of the fictional East Coast city of Felport
–The newest entry, SPELL GAMES, is a simultaneous release, just out today

DUPLICATE EFFORT: Retrieval Artist, Book 7 by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
–The brand-new entry in the long-running space/mystery series
–Audible has all 7 titles in the series

The AXIS OF TIME trilogy by John Birmingham
–Great alternate history

–Audible will be producing the entire “Legacy of the Aldenata” series (aka the “Posleen War” series)!

The PIP & FLINX series by Alan Dean Foster
–Audible is producing the entire, classic adventure series.
–8 titles are now in the store, with 6 more to come – culminating with FLINX TRANSCENDENT, the brand-new, final book (coming in May)

And… some exciting news about what’s ahead in early March:

STORM FROM THE SHADOWS by David Weber (Mar. 3)
–The brand-new, whopping big Honorverse saga!
COYOTE HORIZON by Allen Steele (Mar. 3)
–The first new Coyote book in 3 years!
THE ALCHEMIST’S PURSUIT by Dave Duncan (Mar. 3)
–The latest adventure of Nostradamus’ apprentice
The QUANTUM GRAVITY series by Justina Robson (Mar. 6)
— Cosmic rifts, fairies, and rock ‘n’ roll


Steve Feldberg
Director, Editorial Business Development