Australia 2025 Worldcon
Bid Announced

A bid to host the 2025 Worldcon in Brisbane, Australia has been organized.

Their Twitter account identifies Devin Madson as one co-chair, who responded to File 770’s question that Leife Shallcross is the other.

There is one other group bidding for the same year, Seattle in 2025.

Nathan J. Phillips wrote a post about the origins of the Brisbane bid.

…In short, I made a comment about Canberra running for WorldCon 83 as Yes We CanCon 2025. Apparently someone else – in fact a few other people – had a similar idea, and a mutual friend put us and a bunch of others in a room to discuss the idea seriously. While Canberra unfortunately doesn’t have the capacity just yet, Brisbane does. So it’s official – we’ve started the wheels turning for Aus2025 in Brisbane.

Now, much of this discussion happened over the bar, which may have inspired my bid for a logo:

Thankfully, the far more talented Kat Clay came up with a better temporary logo – there are a few other elements we want to incorporate, but they need to be done properly. That said, I think Kat’s design is a pretty darn good. So without any further rambling from me, go find it, go support it, and lets get behind the first Aussie WorldCon since 2010!

Kat Clay’s logo is the one displayed by the bid’s Twitter account.

[Thanks to JJ for the story.]

Update 07/31/2020: Added name of co-chair Leife Shallcross.

6 thoughts on “Australia 2025 Worldcon
Bid Announced

  1. rcade on July 31, 2020 at 10:55 am said:
    Is there any talk about New Zealand bidding again, given the circumstances this year?

    I suspect they’re going to take a wee nap for a long time….

  2. selfish whining 2025 is really inconvenient. 2026 would be a lot more convenient

    I still look forward to hear more about this bid.

  3. Michael J. Walsh: I suspect they’re going to take a wee nap for a long time


    Or at least pretend to be asleep if anyone tries to make them run another Worldcon, like that legend Rip Van Walsh!

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