Australian Shadows Awards 2018

Australasian Horror Writers Association announced the winners of the Australian Shadows Awards 2018 on June 8 at Continuum 15: Other Worlds.

The juried award is given for work by an Australasian author that has horror/dark fiction content either as a focal point or an integral element of the work, and the intent of the work must be to disturb or inspire fear in the reader. Eligible genres/sub-genres include horror, dark fiction, dark fantasy, and paranormal fiction.

Best Collected Work

  • Exploring Dark Fiction #2 A Primer to Kaaron Warren, Shadows on the Wall by Steven Paulsen

Best Edited Work

  • Hellhole An Anthology of Subterranean Horror – ed. Lee Murray

Best Graphic Novel

  • The Demon Hell Is Earth written by Andrew Constant

Best Novel

  • Tide of Stone by Kaaron Warren

Best Poetry

  • Revenants of the Antipodes by Kyla Lee Ward

Short Fiction

  • Riptide by Dan Rabarts.

The Paul Haines Award for Long Fiction

  • The Black Sea by Chris Mason

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4 thoughts on “Australian Shadows Awards 2018

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  2. Huh. Awarding body’s name reflects the Award’s eligibility, but not the Awards themselves. Two of the winners are NZers.

  3. Thanks for putting up the list! I didn’t share the prize for collection, though, that went to Steven Paulsen alone!

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