BBC Audio Drama Awards 2019 Shortlist

The BBC Audio Drama Awards 2019 shortlist is light on items of genre interest.

Up for Best Actor are Derek Jacobi for The War Master 1.1 Beneath the Viscoid, a Doctor Who story from Big Finish Productions, and David Tennant in Wild Honey, a play by Chekov. Two contenders for Best Actress, nominated for non-sff roles, also have past connections to Doctor Who, Eve Myles and Mandeep Dhillon. Lastly, a production of Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys is a nominee for Best Use of Sound.

The winners will be revealed at a ceremony in the Radio Theatre at BBC Broadcasting House London on the evening of Sunday, February 3.

The complete shortlist follows the jump.

Best Original Single Drama

  • 19 Weeks by Emily Steel, producer Helen Perry, BBC Cymru Wales
  • All of the Beauty in the World by Eve Steel, producer Gary Brown, BBC Radio Drama North
  • The Chosen One by Avi Garvi, producers Nadir Khan and John Dryden, Goldhawk Productions
  • County Lines by Amelia Bullmore, producer Mary Peate, BBC Radio Drama London
  • Holbein’s Skull by Martyn Wade, producer Tracy Neale, BBC Radio Drama London
  • The Trials of CB King by David Morley, producer Marc Beeby, BBC Radio Drama London

Best Original Series or Serial

  • Stone by Martin Jameson, Richard Monks, Cath Staincliffe, Alex Ganley, Vivienne Harvey, producers Nadia Molinari and Gary Brown, BBC Radio Drama North
  • Subterranean Homesick Blues by A L Kennedy, producer Sally Avens, BBC Radio Drama London
  • Tommies by Avin Shah, producers David Hunter, Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle, BBC Radio Drama London
  • The Truth about Hawaii by Oliver Emanuel, producer Kirsty Williams, BBC Scotland
  • The Unforgiven by Barbara Machin, producer Allegra McIlroy, BBC Northern Ireland
  • The Wilsons Save the World by Marcus Brigstocke and Sarah Morgan, producer Julia McKenzie, BBC Studios

Best Adaptation

  • The Art of Foot-binding by Danielle McLauglin, producer Kevin Brew, RTÉ Ireland
  • Based on a True Story by Delphine de Vigan, adapted by Claudine Toutoungi, producer Gemma Jenkins, BBC Radio Drama London
  • Das Kapital by Karl Marx, adapted by Sarah Woods, producer James Robinson, BBC Cymru Wales
  • Love Henry James: The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, adapted by Linda Marshall Griffiths, producer Nadia Molinari, BBC Radio Drama North
  • Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter, adapted by Lucy Catherine, producer Sasha Yevtushenko, BBC Cymru Wales
  • A Tale of Two Cities: Aleppo and London by Charles Dickens, adapted by Ayeesha Menon, producers Gill Parry, Polly Thomas, Emma Hearn, Goldhawk Productions

Best Actor

  • Liam Brennan, Five Days Which Changed Everything, director Kirsty Williams, BBC Scotland
  • Jasper Britton, A Month of Maureen – Three Journeys, director Marion Nancarrow, BBC Radio Drama
  • Derek Jacobi, The War Master 1.1 Beneath the Viscoid, director Scott Handcock, Big Finish Productions
  • George McKay, The Glass Menagerie, director Sasha Yevtushenko, BBC Radio Drama London
  • David Tennant, Wild Honey, director Clive Brill, Brill Productions
  • David Threlfall, Spike and the Elfin Oak, director Gemma Jenkins, BBC Radio Drama London

Best Actress

  • Sudha Bhuchar, My Son the Doctor, director Jonquil Panting, BBC Radio Drama London
  • Jessie Buckley, The Effect, director, Abigail le Fleming, BBC Radio Drama London
  • Mandeep Dhillon, Freezing to Death (And How to Avoid It), director Alison Crawford, BBC Bristol
  • Jo Martin, The Interrogation, director Mary Peate, BBC Radio Drama London
  • Eve Myles, 19 Weeks, director Helen Perry, BBC Cymru Wales
  • Sydney Wade, D for Dexter, director Mary Ward-Lowery, BBC Bristol

Best Director

  • Ewa Banaszkiewicz and Mateus Dymek, The King of the Flat White As Narrated by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Warsaw Pact Ltd
  • Steve Bond and Judith Kampfner, Shadowbahn, Corporation for Independent Media
  • Abigail le Fleming, The Effect, BBC Radio Drama London
  • Peter Kavanagh, The Wild Duck, BBC Radio Drama London
  • Shan Ng, Tiger Girls, Sparklab Productions

Best Debut Performance

  • Salvatore D’Aquilla, Operation Crucible, director Toby Swift, BBC Radio Drama London
  • Karlo Diaz, The Beast, directors Nicolas Jackson and Steve Bond, Afonica
  • Daisy Head, Love Henry James: the Golden Bowl, director Nadia Molinari, BBC Radio Drama North
  • Yolanda Mercy, Quarter Life Crisis, director Caroline Raphael, Dora Productions
  • Rebekah Murrell, The Gift, director David Hunter, BBC Radio Drama London
  • Georgia Scholes, Billy Homeless Dies at the End, director Boz Temple-Morris, Holy Mountain

Best Use of Sound

  • Anansi Boys, sound by Wilfredo Acosta, producer Allegra McIlroy, BBC Northern Ireland
  • The Beast, sound by Steve Bond, producers Nicolas Jackson and Steve Bond, Afonica
  • Love Henry James: the Turn of the Screw, sound by Steve Brooke and John Benton, producer Nadia Molinari, BBC Radio Drama North
  • The Quanderhorn Xperimentations, sound by Alisdair MacGregor, producer Andrew Marshall, Absolutely Productions
  • Unmade Movies: Dennis Potter’s The White Hotel, sound by Wilfredo Acosta, producers Laurence Bowen and Peter Ettedgui, Dancing Ledge
  • A Taxi Stops, sound by Rikke Houd and Mike Woolley, producer Rikke Houd, Falling Tree

Best Scripted Comedy (Longform)

  • Ability by Lee Ridley and Katherine Jakeways, producer Jane Berthoud, Funny Bones
  • Bridget Christie’s Utopia by Bridget Christie, producers Simon Nicholls and Alison Vernon-Smith, BBC Studios
  • Mae Martin’s Guide to 21st Century Addiction by Mae Martin, producer Alexandra Smith, BBC Studios
  • Plum House by Ben Cottam and Paul McKenna, producers Sarah Cartwright and Paul Schlesinger, Hat Trick Productions
  • Robert Newman’s Total Eclipse of Descartes by Rob Newman, producer John Whitehall, Hat Trick Productions
  • Tim Key’s Late-Night Poetry Programme by Tim Key, producer James Robinson, BBC Cymru Wales

Best Scripted Comedy (Sketch Show)

  • Agendum by Jason Hazeley & Joel Morris, producer David Tyler, Pozzitive
  • Dead Ringers by Nev Fountain, Tom Jamieson, Laurence Howarth, Ed Amsden, Tom Coles, Sarah Campbell, James Bugg, Max Davis, Sarah Gibbs, Alex Hardy, Laura Major and Lewis Cook, producer Bill Dare, BBC Studios
  • John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme by John Finnemore, producer Ed Morrish, BBC Studios
  • Lucy Porter in the Family Way by Lucy Porter, producer Gordon Kennedy, Absolutely Productions
  • Newsjack by the great British public, producers Adnan Ahmed and Suzy Grant, BBC Studios
  • Sketchtopia by Kai Samra, Ling Low, Bilal Zafar, Lizzie Bates, Anna Emerson, Elizabeth Caproni, Sarah Gibbs, Luke Manning and Paul G Raymond, producer Gus Beattie, Gusman Productions
  • Thanks a Lot, Milton Jones by Milton Jones, James Cary and Dan Evans, producer David Tyler, Pozzitive

Best Podcast or Online Audio Drama

  • ATA Girl by Gemma Page, Victoria Saxton, Helen Goldwyn and Jane Slavin, producer Helen Goldwyn, Big Finish Productions
  • Blind Terror – The Gods of Frost by Guy Adams, producer Scott Handcock, Big Finish Productions
  • Blood on Satan’s Claw by Robert Wynne-Simmons, adapted by Mark Morris, producer Simon Barnard, Bafflegab Productions
  • Double Bubble by Carl Cattermole, producer Katie Bilboa, Prison Radio Association
  • Red Moon written and produced by Robert Valentine, The Wireless Theatre Company
  • Tracks: Strata by Matthew Broughton, producer James Robinson, BBC

Best European Drama

  • 100 Songs by Roland Schimmelpfennig, producer Manfred Hess, SWR/ARD Germany
  • The Confession by Fyodor Dostoevsky, adapted by Doina Papp, producer Ilinca Stihi, Radio Romania
  • The Cremator by Ladislav Fuks, adapted by Lenka Veverková, producer Zuzana Vojtíšková, Czech Radio
  • The Day It Rained 449 Franz Klammers by Mathias Cavelty, producer Reto Ott, SRF Swiss Radio and Television
  • July 22nd: How Could It Happen? by Mathias Calmeyer, producer Øystein Kjennerud, NRK Norway
  • Munch and Munch – Diptych by Jasna Mesari?, producer Katja Šimuni?, HRT Croatian Radio
  • Wrapped by Tracy Martin, producer Kevin Reynolds, RTÉ Ireland

3 thoughts on “BBC Audio Drama Awards 2019 Shortlist

  1. Looking through the list, in the Best Podcast or Online Audio Drama category, “Blind Terror – The Gods of Frost” (which also starts Eve Myles) and “Blood on Satan’s Claw” are both horror stories.

    One of the writers for Best Scripted Comedy (Sketch Show) is Nev Fountain, who’s also written several Doctor Who-related works for Big Finish.

  2. ATA Girl has lots of Doctor Who connections in its casting and behind the scenes; most notably, the series was conceived of, directed by, and features Louise Jameson (who played Leela in the 1970s).

    (It’s also really good! It’s about the British women pilots of WWII.)

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