BBC Radio’s New Bradbury Productions

BBC Radio 4 launches another short season of Dangerous Visions in June, a week of science fiction drama that will begin and end with dramatizations of two Ray Bradbury works.

The Illustrated Man opens the series on June 14, written by award-winning radio dramatist Brian Sibley, whose credits include Ray Bradbury’s Tales of the Bizarre and BBC Radio’s adaptations of Lord of the Rings, Gormenghast and The History of Titus Groan.

The season closes June 21 with The Martian Chronicles, dramatized by Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle.

In between Dangeous Visions will air a two-part serial of Philip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and five thematically-linked afternoon plays not yet announced.

Radio 4 streams live on the web and also archives recordings online that listeners can access for seven days after broadcast. The Radio 4 web page is here.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the link.]

3 thoughts on “BBC Radio’s New Bradbury Productions

  1. They used the title for a series last summer (which you didn’t read about here on File 770 because it had no Bradbury connection), and the fact that they’re using it again this year suggests to me either that Harlan is okay with it, or else that whatever rights he might think he has in the title don’t apply in the UK. Or perhaps just that the BBC has more lawyers than Harlan.

  2. But I have reported here that Harlan Ellison trademarked Dangerous Visions. The mark covers “Books in the field of fiction and non-fiction relating to speculative fiction; Series of fiction books; Story books; Comic books; Comic strips; Role playing game equipment in the nature of game book manuals; Series of nonfiction books in the field of speculative fiction.” The likeliest reasons Ellison has never complained about the BBC’s use of “Dangerous Visions” are (1) that’s not part of his trademarked property and (2) they don’t associate their title with Ellison or his work.

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