Beale Serializing SFWA Report

Theodore Beale now says he will begin posting daily sections from SFWA’s report recommending his expulsion from membership.

The following paragraph is his first selection:

Many SFWA members have contacted members of the Board to express an opinion on this issue. In total, 66 Active, Associate or Affiliate members sent e-mails on the topic that were either received by the investigator or forwarded to him by the Board members who initially received them. Since not all Board members were able to forward the e-mails they received to the investigator, it is likely that some voices are going unheard.

Beale, who previously offered to send any SFWA member a copy of the entire report, is now also offering copies to any of his regular followers “willing to assist with the crowdsourced defense… so that you can see exactly what is in it, and… get a jump on hunting down the relevant evidence.”

Update 07/09/2013: The second installment has been posted, dealing with remarks made on SFWA’s Twitter feed.

15 thoughts on “Beale Serializing SFWA Report

  1. Beale is making it easy for the SFWA. As I’m sure they were hoping. The man is determined to be martyred, and is going to push them until they do martyr him, so they may as well do it sooner rather than later.

  2. SFWA President Steven Gould has offered this reassurance to the membership:

    However, as the member under investigation has not respected professional confidentiality, we have been asked about the possibility of information becoming public that would inappropriately identify individuals. Please be assured that, per our standard procedures, no members who wrote to the Board to express their opinions were identified in this report, and any portions of emails which were included were reproduced with their authors’ permissions.

  3. Theodore Beale seems to be a person with a lot of time on his hands. A LOT of time. Infinite acres of time to fill with empty, pointless activity.

  4. Things occur to me:

    I bought the mass-market paperback edition of Rebel Moon by Mr. Beale/Day and Mr. Bruce Bethke some years ago and was frustrated that the book seemed to end halfway through the story without any cover indication that it was a partial novel and incomplete story. Of course one could make similar complaint about individual volumes of Illuminatus! or The Lord of the Rings if reputation hadn’t made it already widely known that these were long works divided into thirds. Misters Beale’s/Day’s and Bethke’s computer game-based space opera I bought wasn’t nearly so widely known, though; in fact my copy was a remainder at a dollar store which I bought because I had seen the name “Vox Day” on the web.

    I have seen funnier uses of the “Hitler-in-the-bunker-movie” meme.

    I think that Mr. Beale/Day is not so stupid as to not see that Mr. John Scalzi’s “A Fan Letter to Certain Conservative Politicians” weblog entry was Swiftian in intent, and I think his deliberately pretending to take it literally doesn’t improve his appearance or argument. This causes me to reassess my own displeasure at what I took as Mr. Scalzi’s endorsement of schadenfreude pie” — maybe I missed a satirical point, too. I am open to correction if I did in fact misinterpret.

    Finally, has Prof. John F. Lange, Jr., Ph.D./John Norman ever been a member of SFWA? He also has claimed to be a libertarian, although like Mr. Beale/Day, Dr. Lange/Norman doesn’t resemble any of the libertarians with whom I associate or the kind of libertarian who I consider myself to be.

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