Beale Submits Response to SFWA

Theodore Beale (“Vox Day”) has turned in a 32-page response to SFWA’s investigative report alleging he violated membership rules and acted in bad faith. (Note: He did not post the text.)

SFWA is considering a motion to expel Beale made publicly by Amal El-Mohtar and internally by dozens of other members.

According to Beale, SFWA had given him until July 25 to provide any additional evidence he wanted the Board to consider. 

The SFWA By-Laws authorize the officers of the corporation, by unanimous vote, to expel any member for “good and sufficient cause.”

There are nine officers of the corporation — President Steven Gould, Vice President Rachel Swirsky, Treasurer Bud Sparhawk, Secretary Susan Forest, Western Regional Director Jim Fiscus, South Central Director Lee Martindale, Eastern Regional Director E. C. Myers, Overseas Director Tansy Rayner Roberts, and Canadian Director Matthew Johnson.

SFWA has never expelled a member in its history.