Benjanun Sriduangkaew Update

The literary comeback of Benjanun Sriduangkaew continues in the April issue of Clarkesworld with “The Petals Abide”:

In the womb-tank coded with thought and memory, Twoseret learned three things: that her life will be full of peace, that she will never die, and that she will know precisely one tragedy. These facts are absolute, untarnished by chance and impregnable to intervention.

After that, petals started blooming in her mouth.

The issue’s appearance virtually coincided with the announcement of the Hugo shortlist, including Laura Mixon’s nomination for Best Fanwriter which she was voted on the strength of her article about Sriduangkaew, A Report on Damage Done by One Individual Under Several Names.

Sriduangkaew tweeted several negative comments about Mixon’s nomination. One example:

Sriduangkaew also seemed to be commenting on a subject close to home in these contributions to a popular meme the other day —

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13 thoughts on “Benjanun Sriduangkaew Update

  1. You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, Ms. Sriduangkaew? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

  2. @AG: I doubt she has any shame. Nice quote, BTW. Worked once, so there is hope.

  3. AG,

    This is kind of what this type of SJW does. They know nothing other than an attack strategy due to perceived victimization status. It’s not surprising she’s attacking anyone… it’s surprising she waited as long as she did to continue.

  4. This is missing some crucial context (i.e., a specific blog post on Medium explaining why the TalkingBee account exists, etc. etc.). There are also several tweets which explain why Sriduangkaew has decided to speak publicly again.

    It should also be noted that nothing that she has thus far a said matches anything that she was accused of 6 months ago. It should also be noted that accusations about Mixon’s report containing unverifiable information are accurate.

  5. SMD: That “missing context” was covered in an earlier post. It is the first thing (after the current post) a reader sees who clicks on the Sriduangkaew tag.

    Your advocacy would be out of place in my story (“it should be noted”) but you are welcome to make the argument, and have.

  6. Deirdre: Thanks for the link. While scanning her reactions to Mixon’s nomination I read a tweet where Sriduangkaew speaks highly of your work. In fact, your epochal MZB coverage has such an audience it’s still hard for me to believe your name didn’t crest the puppy-inspired tsunami and make the final ballot as well.

  7. Thank you Mike. You did some banner work over here on that topic, too.

    I figure if I came in at least 12th in nominations (where I was on the Campbell nominee list in 2004), I’m buying myself a rocket piece of jewelry and throwing myself a party.

  8. Hey Mike. Sorry! I just started following your blog, so I must have missed the previous post. Thanks for linking me to it.

  9. #newhugocategories Biggest Brass Neck

    Christ alive. If anyone knows anything about harassment and smear campaigns, it’s winterfox.

  10. Given that people are still re-telling Claude Degler stories of events which occurred eighty years ago, I’d say there is no statute of limitations. People will tell stories as long as they can find a new audience which has just enough knowledge to have a vague notion of the context.

    What about the good stories? I haven’t heard of anyone telling the Rosebud story since we lost Bob Tucker. There are other good stories in our collective history to retell — why not tell those instead?

  11. To the degree that the Hugos are a popularity contest, known jerks will always be at a disadvantage. I understand Sriduankaew’s bitterness, but she really brought it on herself.

    The major difference I see between her and certain other people who will have similar problems is that *she* really *might* be able to write something so good that people vote for it anyway.

  12. AG: Excellent, marvelous, precisely to-the-point quotation.

    “Ya done good, kid.”

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