Best Semiprozine Hugo:
Eligible Semiprozines from 2021

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By JJ: To assist Hugo nominators, listed below are the Semiprozines believed to be eligible as of this writing for the 2022 Best Semiprozine Hugo next year †.

This list has been compiled from Neil Clarke’s Semiprozine Directory at, supplemented by the hard work done by Filer Cora Buhlert to identify additional eligible Semiprozines.

Please note the Eligibility Criteria:

3.3.13: Best Semiprozine. Any generally available non-professional periodical publication devoted to science fiction or fantasy, or related subjects which by the close of the previous calendar year has published four (4) or more issues (or the equivalent in other media), at least one (1) of which appeared in the previous calendar year, which does not qualify as a fancast, and which in the previous calendar year met at least one (1) of the following criteria:

  1. paid its contributors and/or staff in other than copies of the publication,
  2. was generally available only for paid purchase

Feel free to add missing Semiprozines in the comments, but please also include a link to a public URL showing that their Submission policies meet the eligibility requirements. I will get them included in the main post when I’ve verified their eligibility. Corrections are also appreciated.

My thanks to Cora Buhlert for her contributions. Hugo nominators are encouraged to check out Cora’s Semiprozine Spotlight blog series, which highlights some of the lesser-known semiprozines.

† no warranties are made about the presumed quality (or lack thereof) of listed Semiprozines

9 thoughts on “Best Semiprozine Hugo:
Eligible Semiprozines from 2021

  1. Thank you, JJ/Cora! I just stumbled across Mythaxis myself. Pleased to see it’s on your list.

    (I’m trying to cast my semiprozine net beyond the uncanny elephant in the room, cough cough)

  2. Ok,who’s the absolute beauty of a feline?

    Off to the Market Basket in a few minutes to buy more house plants. It’s nice to have a well lit, warm space for them to live in. My thirty five year old Christmas cactus certainly likes it here.

  3. Thank you for this list! Another possible semiprozine would be Khoréo Magazine, if they publish their fourth (quarterly) issue before the end of 2021. They also provide a (free) podcast of their short fiction.

  4. S. Qiouyi Lu: Arsenika is now closed to submissions, but published its last issue this year

    Thank you, it’s been added. And thanks for your 5 years of work putting that magazine together. 🙂

  5. sairuh: Another possible semiprozine would be Khoréo Magazine, if they publish their fourth (quarterly) issue before the end of 2021.

    Thanks for the heads-up; I’ll keep an eye out for that issue.

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