Best SF/F Games of 2021? Insert Disc Here

By N: With the DisCon III Business Meeting being held in December, that means we won’t know until then the latest status of the proposed Best Video Game category that was referred to the Hugo Awards Study Committee. Just in case it’s repeated as a special category by next year’s Worldcon, considering the time investment some games demand, I’ve set up a spreadsheet (styled after Lady Business’ Spreadsheet of Doom) as a way for nominators to catalogue and keep track of their favorite eligible games of the year, so there’s little rushing through last year’s games in 2022. From AAA to indie, anything goes as long as it’s SF/F.

I’ve christened this ship by adding some acclaimed games that came out in 2021, from the big blockbuster releases…

…to the hotly anticipated games that met expectations…

…to indie games that gained fans through their creativity and innovation.

Edits are open to any and everyone. Feel free to add what I missed!

Here’s the link:

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2 thoughts on “Best SF/F Games of 2021? Insert Disc Here

  1. Put up ‘Webbed’, which just, just released. Under the surface there’s quite a lot of SF goodness under the hood.

    Some others I haven’t added because I haven’t looked into them deeply enough to know their quality or they’re not out yet, but worth keeping an eye on:
    Kerbal Space Program 2
    Terra Invicta
    Potion craft: Alchemist Simulator
    Carrier Command 2
    and Starbase

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