Betting on a Blip

Redshirts made the New York Times hardcover fiction list for June 24, but unfortunately stayed there only one week, exiting as suddenly as one of its namesakes on Star Trek.

I decided to check after scanning the Locus Bestsellers for July 2012 list, expecting Redshirts to be in there somewhere. No, it’s too early. I learned from an endnote that Locus’ July list is based on the April 2012 data period.

How big of a splash in the marketplace must a book make to top the Locus bestseller list? George R.R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons has been the bestselling hardcover for 10 straight months. Someday that will change. Does Redshirts have that much pop? We’ll find out when Locus gets the June 2012 data.

6 thoughts on “Betting on a Blip

  1. Locus’s Bestseller list is based on 3-month old data?

    No wonder I never looked at it.

  2. Its the 14th. here. Now. Of course, it’s alos after midnight, so when all above was posted it was the 13th. There must be a time-warp loose in Monrovia.

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