Bhob Stewart Update

The Bhob Stewart memorial in New York will convene Sunday, May 4, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Columbia University’s Butler Library, room 523. Details come from Brad Verter, who says his e-mail can be freely shared.

The format will be open mike with people welcome to speak ex tempore.  Verter expects there will be A/V equipment available for those who need it, as he intends to present a slideshow of materials from Bhob’s archives.

There is likely to be a Boston memorial for Bhob in the fall, while another at the San Diego Comic-Con is under discussion.

Verter’s other exciting news for friends of Bhob is that he located an original 16mm print of Bhob’s 1961 short The Year The Universe Lost the Pennant. A copy has been transferred to DVD for use at the New York memorial. Mike Russo also has exhumed a copy of Joe Marzano’s film Man Outside (1965), which many of believed to be lost: Bhob is one of the stars of the film, which also features Calvin T. Beck (publisher of Castle of Frankenstein) in a supporting role: clips of this film also will be shown at the memorial. Verter hopes it will be possible to make both generally available afterwards.

Finally, Verter assures that Bhob’s papers are being preserved. He is organizing them for eventual deposit in a “worthy archive that will make them available for the benefit of future generations of cultural historians.”

Contact Brad Verter at — [email protected].

[Thanks to James H. Burns for the story.]

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