Bidding Opens on Weist Collection

Heritage Auctions has opened bidding on items from the late Jerry Weist’s collection of sf & fantasy art and books. The auction catalog is available online.

Some of the best things going on the block are (1) a copy of the October 1912 issue of All-Story, where Tarzan made his first appearance; (2) the original art for Wally Wood’s 8-page 3-D story “Spawn of Venus” from EC 3-D #3 (1954); (3) the original art from Frank R. Paul’s cover for Science Wonder Stories (September 1929); and (4) the multi-volume Fantasy Press edition of E.E. Smith’s Lensman series.

Another legendary item is the complete five-issue set of Jerome Siegel and Joseph Shuster’s Science Fiction. The Advance Guard of Future Civilization (1932-1933):

Staple-bound or string-bound in illustrated paper wrappers. Issue number three contains the legendary Siegel & Shuster story, “The Reign of the Superman,” with Shuster’s first drawing of Superman, published five years before the Cleveland duo unveiled their more famous incarnation of the name in Action Comics #1.

The auction house predicts this rarity might fetch as much as $10,000.

(The mention of two styles of binding on these 1930s zines made me think of the Great Staple War, though Siegel and Shuster admittedly had nothing to do with it.)

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]