Big Blue

James Cameron signed an agreement with Fox to direct two sequels to Avatar in October 2010, but the existence of an additional prequel was claimed by Roger Dean in a lawsuit filed against Cameron this June. Now we know the whole story — 20th Century Fox has revealed it will make three Avatar sequels, to be filmed simultaneously beginning in 2014.

James Cameron will co-author the scripts with three different sets of collaborators says

Cameron has set War Of The Worlds scribe Josh Friedman to write one film; Rise Of Planet Of The Apes‘ Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver to write another; with the third to be written by Shane Salerno, who wrote and directed the upcoming documentary Salinger and who previously worked with Cameron on a remake of Fantastic Voyage at Fox. The writers will collaborate with Cameron separately and co-write three separate movies with him.

The first sequel will be released in December 2016, with the others following in December 2017 and 2018.

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