Bisexual Book Awards
2018 Winners

The Bi Writers Association (BWA) announced the Bisexual Book Awards 2018 winners on June 1 in New York. The complete list is at the link.

J.R. Mabry won the Speculative Fiction category and also was part of a three-way tie for Bi Writer of the Year.

Speculative Fiction  [Bi-fi/Sci-fi/Fantasy/Paranormal/Horror/Etc.]

  • The Worship of Mystery by J.R. Mabry, The Apocryphile Press

Bi Writer of the Year

  • Elaine Castillo, America Is Not the Heart, Viking / Penguin Random House
  • Duy Doan, We Play a Game, Yale University Press
  • J.R. Mabry, The Worship of Mystery, The Apocryphile Press