Borderlands Books Has How Many Sponsors?

Borderlands Books in San Francisco.

Borderlands Books in San Francisco.

When San Francisco’s Borderlands Books announced in February it could stay in business if 300 people bought sponsorships for a hundred dollars apiece, the number of sponsors needed to underwrite the store’s survival plan came forward in less than 48 hours.

Remarkably, it didn’t stop there. “We are continuing to offer sponsorships to anyone who is interested,” the store’s March newsletter revealed. “At this point the count is over 600 and will probably continue to climb.”

And climb it has. A recent e-mail to sponsors said, “As I write this, there are 740 of them out there, including you.”

[Thanks to Dave Doering for the story.]

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  1. Very cool. Investing in an independent bookshop has to be one of the best and most selfless things a book lover can do for the future of books.

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