Bradbury on the Menu

A Portlandia restaurant called The Rocking Frog Cafe pays tribute to Ursula Le Guin, Ray Bradbury and other writers with food items named for them.

Portlandia restaurant menu w Bradbury

One reviewer praised Ray’s entree:

My favorite coffeeshop so far has been the Rocking Frog, with their great vegan “Bradbury” sandwich.

Ray would have appreciated the honor even though his culinary preferences would have led him to order something else – or so a reliable informant tells me.

6 thoughts on “Bradbury on the Menu

  1. The only thing on the Bradbury sandwich that Ray would eat are the onions.

  2. If only it was a Korean boshintang restaurant, it could actually have sad puppies on the menu.

  3. The “Bukowski” should have Swiss, not Brie, but as long as it’s on rye… let it pass, let it pass…

  4. PS: I’m betting Ray would have ordered the “Kerouac”, with dandelion greens.

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