Brendan DuBois Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Mystery and sff author Brendan Dubois turned himself in yesterday on an arrest warrant for possession of child sex abuse images reports Seacoastonline, a New Hampshire news site.

DuBois, of Exeter, N.H., was arrested Wednesday on six felony counts of possession of child pornography. Seacoastonline reports:

…DuBois was processed and is being held in preventative detention. He is scheduled to be arraigned on July 11 at the 10th Circuit Court in Brentwood.

[Exeter Police Chief Stephan R.] Poulin said police, working in conjunction with the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce, opened the investigation in March into the crime of possession of child sexual abuse materials in the town of Exeter.  A search warrant was later executed, which led to DuBois’ arrest.

The Exeter Police Department was assisted in the case by Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce detectives from the Portsmouth, Dover, Pelham, Epping, Manchester police departments, the NH State Police, and the Massachusetts State Police….

A bestselling mystery writer known for his Lewis Cole novels, DuBois has also partnered with his mentor and “the most published author in the world,” James Patterson, on several books, including The Summer House, Blowback and the recently released Cross Down.

He is also widely known in the sff field where he has published several dozen short stories, one of which, “Resurrection Day”, won the Sidewise Award for alternate history in 2000. He authored a three-book series, The Alien Resistance, published by Baen. And he wrote a guest post on File 770 in 2021 about his appearance on Jeopardy.

Severn River Publishing, which published the Lewis Cole novel Terminal Surf, has removed DuBois’ biography page and other references to the book from its website.

“We are deeply disturbed by the serious allegations against Brendan DuBois,” the company said in a statement published by CBS News. “While we respect the legal process, we have decided to immediately suspend all promotion and sales of Mr. DuBois’ books. We believe these steps are necessary to uphold our values and maintain the trust of our readers, authors, and the publishing community.”

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4 thoughts on “Brendan DuBois Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

  1. The Portsmouth Herald has written a followup story on Seacoastonline with details about the investigation.

    The publication reports that a tip was received from Google about files in a Google Drive being uploaded by an IP address allegedly belonging to DuBois. His search history allegedly included the searches “I accidentally saved child pornography to my main Google Drive” and “How to tell if Google has reported me to the police.”

  2. Really? “I accidentally saved child pornography to my main Google Drive”? I bet the algorithms had no problem sending that directly to the group required to legally report it to the authorities.

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