Brooks’ Fanzines Donated

Ned Brooks’ fanzines — over one ton of them — are being donated to the Special Collections of the University of Georgia Library. Brooks passed away August 31.

The report comes from Brooks’ literary executor, George Beahm, a brief mention published in the November issue of Locus.

Update 11/27/2015: George Beahm explained that although he originally said in a comment here at File 770 that the fanzines would be donated to the Eaton Collection, they have indeed gone to the University of Georgia. “The fanzines are now at their Special Collections. I changed my mind after Ned’s family made their preference clear, since Ned’s brother Dan, and Ned’s parents graduated from UGa. There will be a preview of the collection sometime next year, a mini-display.”

[Thanks to Martin Morse Wooster for the story.]

5 thoughts on “Brooks’ Fanzines Donated

  1. Yes, Andy, that’s where Frank Deitz’s fanzines went, along with fanzines from other fans who considered Ned to be a repository. As to the weight, I may have been off, but I packed every box myself, and it filled one room of the house. The University of Georgia came to the house and picked them all up, and are currently sorting and coming up with a complete inventory. (U.GA. now has a pretty good set of LOCUS, ALGOL, and other major semi-pro/prozines, plus general interest fanzines too numerous to mention, including apazines to which Ned belonged–and contributed to every mailing.)

    I am the Executor of Ned’s estate, not his literary estate per se. Estate matters will take my time, off and on, through April of next year, at this rate. (He was out of state, and a lot of things are best handled in person.)

    Over the years I had gotten used to buying two copies of certain books or calendars because I knew Ned would want one. Even now, months after he’s gone, I’d see something I know he’d have wanted, and automatically think: “Gee, I should send this to Ned,” and catch myself, because he’s gone.

    He was one of fandom’s treasures, and we are all poorer for his loss.

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