Bud Webster’s Estate Search

Bud Webster is about to update the list of deceased writers whose estates he’s looking for on behalf of SFWA’s Estate Project. If you can help, contact — budwebster (at) mindspring (dot) com

Banks, Raymond E.
Barnes, Arthur K.
Bates, Harry
Bechdolt, Jack (John Ernest)
Biltgen, Flonet (Elizabeth Wallace)
Binder, Eando (Earl and Otto)
Bok, Hannes (Wayne Francis Woodard)
Boule, Pierre (Francois Marie Louis)
Browne, Howard
Clifton, Mark
Cooper, Susan
Counselman, Mary Elizabeth
Evans, E. Everett
Farley, Ralph Milne (Roger Sherman Hoar)
Fyfe, H. B.
Gallun, Raymond Z.
Geier, Chester
Gordon, Bernard
Gotschalk, Felix
Guin, Wyman
Gygax, Gary
Holly, J(oan). Hunter
Jameson, Malcolm
Javor, Frank A. (Francis Anthony Jaworski)
Jones, D(ennis) F(eltham)
Jones, Neil R.
Kapp, Colin
Keller, David H.
Lymington, John (John Richard Newton Chance)
Maine, Charles Eric (David McIlwain)
McQuay, Mike
Merrit-Pinckard, Terri E.
Pavic, Milorad
Phillips, Rog
Smith, George H.
Smith, George O.
Wellen, Edward
Wells, Angus
West, Wallace
Williams, Paul O.
Wolfe, Bernard
Wright, Lan
Zagat, Arthur Leo

Webster adds: “Note, please, that in the cases of estates repped by family members or other private individuals, SFWA does NOT reveal their contact information. Instead, we either blind-copy the individual on our reply to the inquiry or simply forward queries to them. That way their e-mails, addresses and/or phone numbers stay private.”

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

6 thoughts on “Bud Webster’s Estate Search

  1. I wanted to thank Andy and File 770 for posting this list. If you’ve seen one of these lists here before, please be aware that there are always new names on it; don’t be thrown off by the fact that I’ve been looking for the Georges Smith since Day Uno and think it’s always the same names.

  2. Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to sound that way. I’ve given Bud suggestions before about locating people, as he does these requests on other fan listings…hopefully he was able to use my old ones…

    I once got an answer to a letter from Raymond Z. Gallun, but that was clearly a generation back.

    And Emil Petaja was once handling Bok’s estate, and Underwood Miller publishing did a book of his art. Grant loose ends, but a start.

    I’ve had a rough week.

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