Bujold’s “Ask Me Anything” Today, 8/3

Lois McMaster Bujold will be doing an Ask Me Anything for Reddit today at 7 p.m. CST

Welcome to my r/Fantasy AMA “Ask Me Anything” chat, which is now open to collect questions.

I will be back around 7 PM CST to start answering them as best I can.

For those who want More, or who are scratching their heads going “Louis who?” (and I know you’re out there, I hear from you all the time), here are a few maybe-useful links.

And a big thank-you to fan Karen Hunt, who created and runs the Vorkosigan Wiki!

And I have absolutely no idea who creates the sfadb, although I imagine they, too, are volunteers, but bless them for saving me reams of retyping.

…Which leads me to wonder how many people nowadays no longer know (or need to know) what a ream is, but that’s another subject, somewhere back up there with the squeaky flow pens.

[Thanks to JJ for the story.]


5 thoughts on “Bujold’s “Ask Me Anything” Today, 8/3

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  2. If anyone got an answer to that question, I’d love for the answer to be reposted here.

  3. Cassy, there’s this:

    BooleanSunrise: I’ve read Paladin of Souls so many times that the book is tattered. Are you going to return to that time period in a book format at any point? As a follow-up any chance of seeing Ista again? She’s probably my favorite fantasy character ever.

    LoisMcMasterBujold: No plans for such at this time.

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