Burns at the Beach

Regular File 770 contributor James H. Burns invites people to read his new op-ed in the East Rockaway Herald, which looks back on some Long Island lore and urges local government to restore a pretty nifty lost element from his summers at the shore.

Jim also made sure to include with the link this ObSF childhood memory:

This is the place, in the late 1960s, I once imagined I was Flash Gordon, or walking along the surf, with Charlton Heston, in Planet of the Apes. (There would also be times, I’d be floating on my back, listening to the sound of my breathing, staring up at the sky, and pretending I was floating in space.)  Heck, it’s also the beach where I once played with my Captain Action dolls, pretending that Batman and Aquaman were having adventures.

1 thought on “Burns at the Beach

  1. James, a lovely tale, beautifully told. It feels like it’s an episode of the original Twilight Zone, one of the Rod Serling pieces which were paens to lost youth and simpler times. I thank you for giving us this gift.

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