BVC’s New Cozy Mystery

Knowing several LASFSians are into lace making — Fuzzy Pink Niven even led a lace making workshop at Noreascon III – I suspect BookViewCafe is onto something with the forthcoming publication, Lacing Up For Murder by Irene Radford, a cozy mystery centered around the Whistling River Lodge on Mt. Hood in Oregon:

The cast of characters is as strange and interesting as the hotel itself with the story revolving around a gathering of lacemakers who become involved in a murder where silk thread is used as a garrote.

Talk about the gentle art of murder… The serialized novel will launch December 17 and run for 36 weeks. Author Radford will be blogging on Thursdays for most of that time in support of the launch. A downloadable version will made be available from the BVC ebookstore for $4.99.

The serialized novel will be permanently available at the Radford’s bookshelf at BVC.