Byers: WOOF Reminder

By Randy Byers: This is just a reminder to anyone who is planning to submit a fanzine to WOOF (the Worldcon APA) this year.

Copy count is 69.

I need to know the title and page count of your zine so I can add it to the ToC.

THIS IS A CHANGE SINCE MY LAST ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are mailing your zines to me rather than delivering them (or having them delivered) to the convention, I need to receive them by Monday, August 15th. I had previously said the deadline was the 16th, but it turns out I’m leaving for Reno before mail arrives on Tuesday.

There will be a drop box in the fanzine lounge for anyone who brings their fanzine to the convention. Please drop them off by noon Friday.

Collation will be at noon on Saturday in the fanzine lounge.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at [email protected].

Randy Byers
2011 OE for WOOF