Cadigan Reveals Cancer

Pat Cadigan shared in her LiveJournal on June 27 that she has been diagnosed with cancer.

Well, I’m not comparing myself to Jay Lake or Iain Banks. I don’t have that many fans and, more to the point, I’m nowhere near terminal. My doctor tells me that removal of the offending parts will no doubt be the end of the matter and five years from now I can probably forget I ever had a problem.

But I gotta tell you, hearing the doctor tell me I had cancer was like being pole-axed. Over forty years ago, I was one of the anti-war demonstrators in the Mayday riots in Washington, DC. A policeman hit me with a billy-club. It was like that: blam!

Pat, however many fans you have (which is quite a few) I’m one and I hope you beat this thing.

[Via Ansible Links.]