Cadigan Says Cancer Is Back

Pat Cadigan, who had successful surgery to remove cancer in 2013, announced today, “My cancer is back. The form I have can’t be eradicated or cured but only held at bay for a while by chemo. The specialist I saw today at the Macmillan Cancer Centre said ‘a while’ is usually about two years.”

But, added Cadigan:

That’s okay–she only just met me today. She barely knows me.

I have already ordered my first wig. For those who remember my old hair extensions, my wigs (yes, plural–I plan to have a wig wardrobe Gaga will envy) will be just as flamboyant, perhaps more. I also bought some beautiful new boots for kicking cancer in the balls. I’m ready.

Pat Cadigan is toastmaster of Midamericon 2, the 2016 Worldcon.

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