Carpenter’s Halloween Screens at South Pasadena Library 10/31

John Carpenter’s horror movie Halloween (1978), one of the most successful independent films ever made, was shot almost entirely in South Pasadena. That’s why the South Pasadena Library will hold a showing in the Community Room on Thursday, October 31 at 7 p.m. — with a very special guest. Tickets are $10 from Seating is limited

Halloween catapulted Carpenter to a legendary filmmaking career and helped make South Pasadena a desirable location for the industry. The South Pasadena City Council has declared October 31, 2013 as John Carpenter Night because of the positive economic and cultural influence of his signature film on the city.

The event will be a fundraiser for the Friends of the South Pasadena Library and the sCARE Foundation which helps homeless teens The Community Room is located at 1115 El Centro Street. A giant screen and professional projection equipment will be used. This is an R-rated film and no one under 17 will be admitted without a parent.

Halloween stars Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis in her first major film role. It was shot in only 20 days and cost just $320,000. It has grossed more than $200 million in 2013 dollars. There have been seven follow-ups in the franchise.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

2 thoughts on “Carpenter’s Halloween Screens at South Pasadena Library 10/31

  1. “It was shot in only 20 days and cost just $320,000. ”

    That sounds about average for a second-tier Hollywood movie in 1978. That’s $1,150,000 in today’s money. Low budget, but only by Hollywood standards, not “Night of the Living Dead” or “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” low budget.

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