Cartoonist John Patrick Morgan Passes Away

John Patrick Morgan, author and illustrator of the Fission Chicken web comic, died December 30. He was 53. The published obituary did not state the cause of death, though John had written online during the preceding months about having heart bypass surgery and suffering from adult-onset diabetes. A graduate of Parsons School of Design, John worked as a freelance artist and cartoonist for magazines and newspapers.  

Taral Wayne took this photo of John at Anthrocon in 1999.

J.P. Morgan

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3 thoughts on “Cartoonist John Patrick Morgan Passes Away

  1. A shock to read this notice. Worked with JP years ago on some of his comics, and he was always very generous and funny. That is much too young to leave us, with so many stories now left untold.

  2. Just learned of this, and I’m floored.

    I contacted him awhile back for permission to put one of my own comic characters in a Fission Chicken t-shirt, because I’ve been a fan since the late 80s. Mr. Morgan was funny and pleasant to correspond with. A genuinely nice guy.

    I’ll miss you, JP Morgan. Thanks for all the laughs.

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