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  • Terry Farrell

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  • Kevin Feige

“Kevin Feige Teases Why Certain Characters Survived Avengers: Infinity War” at io9

The instant fans walked out of Avengers: Infinity War, we all started speculating. How did that happen? Is that character really gone? Can these events be reversed?

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, of course, wasn’t answering those questions when he spoke to io9 this week. But he did offer an interesting tease about the people who survived Thanos’ snap at the end of Infinity War.

  • Cheo Hodari Coker

“‘Luke Cage’ showrunner on its controversial killing: ‘I wanted to kind of do what Hitchcock did with ‘Psycho'” in the Orlando Sentinel

Before Cheo Hodari Coker began plotting Season 2 of Netflix‘s “Luke Cage,” he had to address the elephant in the room.

Actually, it was more like a snake in the room. A Cottonmouth to be specific.

Coker, a director, writer and producer who can frequently be found on social media answering both positive and negative questions and comments from viewers of his works, had frequently seen comments online saying that the killing of Season 1 villain Cottonmouth (Mahershala Ali) was a huge mistake.

  • Rob Liefeld

“‘Deadpool’ Creator Rob Liefeld ‘Mourns the Loss’ of Donald Glover’s Animated FX Series: ‘The Whole Thing Was Brilliant’” at Yahoo! Entertainment

Donald Glover fans still heartbroken over the cancelation of his animated “Deadpool” series will only be more upset to learn Rob Liefeld, the superhero’s comic book creator, loved Glover’s vision for the television show. FX originally ordered 10 episodes of the series from Donald and Stephen Glover, both of whom are behind “Atlanta,” but the network announced in March it was parting ways with the project over “creative differences.” Liefeld spoke with Variety on the “Ant-Man and the Wasp” red carpet and mourned the loss of the series.

  • Evangeline Lilly

“Ant-Man star Evangeline Lilly rips her male Marvel co-stars for complaining about super suits” at Yahoo! Movies

Don’t whinge about your super-suit chafing when you’re around Evangeline Lilly, because you’ll get pretty short shrift.

She’s slammed her male co-stars for complaining over looking good at the expense of comfort, something as a women, she says, she knows a thing or two about.

  • Kate Mulgrew

  • William Shatner

  • Gemma Chan

“Captain Marvel’s Gemma Chan Shares Look At Doctor Minerva” at ScreenRant

Captain Marvel star Gemma Chan has offered an early glimpse of her character, Doctor Minerva. In the comics, Doctor Minerva is a geneticist and noted enemy of Mar-Vell (Jude Law), from who Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) receives her incredible powers.

The film’s story follows Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between the Kree and the Skrulls. Comic readers know Minerva, also known as Minn-Erva, is a member of the former, which points to her having a sizable role in Captain Marvel. Fans still have a ways to wait to see the movie on the big screen, but now they have their first glimpse at Chan (somewhat) in-character.

  • Simone Missick

“Luke Cage’s Simone Missick Explains How Misty Will Be Used In Iron Fist Season 2” at CinemaBlend

Luke Cage‘s improved second season hit Netflix over the weekend, and many fans are undoubtedly finished with the whole shebang by this point, with questions about what’ll happen next with these characters. We’re likely not gonna learn about Luke’s immediate future in Harlem, but star Simone Missick offered up a few clues about what we can expect to see from her Misty Knight in Iron Fist Season 2. In her words:

  • Emily Brett Rickards

“Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards Explains Why She Doesn’t Want An Olicity Baby” at We Got This Covered

In the past, I’d likened the instance of “shipping” known as “Olicity” to religion and politics as being a topic to be avoided at the dinner table. Though it was merely a jest, I’ve seen firsthand how there exist those extremists which approach this fictional relationship with such zealotry that they’ll flame anyone who believes otherwise into oblivion. Hell, even I’ve been subjected to a few online lashings as a result – and I’m just the guy writing news articles!

What’s more bizarre is that even Emily Bett Rickards herself – the very woman who plays Felicity Smoak on Arrow – can’t dodge these bullets. In fact, it sounds like she was met with consternation when recently saying she doesn’t wish for her character to have a child with Oliver Queen at this point in the saga.

  • Tom Hiddleston

“Tom Hiddleston Explains What It Was Like Saying Farewell To Loki In Avengers: Infinity War” at We Got This Covered

Up until Josh Brolin’s turn as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, it’s been pretty hard to argue against Loki being the MCU’s most successful villain throughout its rich, ten year history. Sure, he’s turned face, heel and back again more times than The Big Show (we all still watch wrestling, right?), but he’s always magnetic whether he’s with us or against us and we were gutted at his exit from the MCU. But how did Tom Hiddleston himself feel about the demise of the God of Mischief?

  • Nana Visitor

  • Mike Colter

“Mike Colter brings the pain as the indestructible Luke Cage” at Yahoo!

“Black Panther” broke box office records, but “Luke Cage” once crashed Netflix.

The streaming service suffered a massive outage for more than two hours in 2016, one day after the premiere of “Luke Cage,” a drama-action series starring Mike Colter who plays the show’s superhero with indestructible and bulletproof skin.

  • Mike Colter

  • James Wan

“James Wan’s Lighter ‘Aquaman’ Tone Is Not a [Reaction] Against Zack Snyder’s DCEU Movies, Says Warner Bros. Executive” at Yahoo!

One major difference between “Aquaman” and many of its DCEU predecessors is its lighter tone. Zack Snyder’s DCEU movies “Man of Steel,” “Batman v. Superman,” and “Justice League” have all been criticized for being overly serious, grim, and brooding, but Emmerich says “Aquaman’s” tone is not a reaction to critics disliking Snyder’s movies. There have been rumors claiming Warner Bros. has been making a concentrated effort to make its DCEU films more fun in the face of bad reviews, but Emmerich credits “Aquaman’s” light tone to Wan and the studio allowing the director to make the movie he wanted.

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