11 thoughts on “Cat-Tain America

  1. (1) It happened more recently than earlier events?
    (2) It contains a startling revelation that a fan owns cats?

  2. Oh, PLEASE! This is “mews.” I just want to know what F.E.L.I.N.E. stans for!

  3. “Agents of F.E.L.I.N.E.” was actually Mike’s fun idea… But how’s about:

    “Friends enlighten life in nights enchanted.”

    That was my first thought, but maybe better:

    “Friends Enlighten Life in Nows Enchanted.”


  4. Bill, I think you inadvertently omitted the word “only” from your comment.

  5. Anf the great T.E.D. Klein just emailed to say, “That’s a charming kitty. Though the presence beside it of Captain America had me thinking of The Incredible Shrinking Man!”

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