Rotsler Award Display at Loscon

Rotsler Award display at Loscon 41 -- past winners. Photo by Kenn Bates.

Rotsler Award display at Loscon 41 — past winners. Photo by Kenn Bates.

At Loscon 41 over Thanksgiving Weekend in November there was a display in the Art Show of cartoons and illos by Rotsler Award winners. One of the panels was devoted to the award’s history, and the other to work by its 2014 winner Sue Mason.

The display was curated by John Hertz. Thanks to Kenn Bates for these photographs.

2013 Faned Award Certificate Unveiled

Hall_of_Fame_2013 COMPCreator of the Faned Award certificate Taral Wayne says, “For the third year in a row, one small detail of the certificate has been altered… look for it!”

I can see several changes from the 2011 edition. Can readers spot all of them?

I do wonder why the current certificate lists the award year as 2013. Maybe that’s one change that still needs to be made…

Fanac_Awards_2011_-_Unknown_Faned resized

Interested in Running for TAFF?

Nominations for the next East/West Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund race will be accepted beginning November 14, the first day of Novacon. Co-administrator Jim Mowatt advises everyone interested in being the TAFF delegate to Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon in Spokane, to begin lining up people to nominate them.

For more information about TAFF, click here.

Steve Stiles, Two-Fisted Blogger

Hugo-nominated fan artist Steve Stiles has started two blogs to help fans remember that he is – Hugo nominated!

One look at Steve’s Okay, Actually It’s A Blog: A Site For Sore Eyes on Tumblr offers immediate proof that this good guy deserves your vote.

steve stiles saves kittens from burning building SMALL

The copious examples of his excellent fanzine and comic art help too, of course.

If anything, Steve’s Google+ blog is even more subtle *coff**coff* A photo caption on that site reads:

Once again (14 times!) I’ve been nominated for a Hugo: this photo shows what a fine humanitarian I am!

Another says:

Hugo nominee Steve Stiles despises the NRA at least six hours every day.

Good grief, Steve, no wonder Larry Correia didn’t include you on his Hugo recommendation list. You coulda been a contender! Next year add a photo of yourself holding one of these assault-rifle-and-chain-saw combos and you won’t believe how many votes you’ll get.

Hertz: Bjo Eggs Us On

Bill Rotsler and Paul Turner at Westercon XIX in 1966. Photo by Len Moffatt.

Bill Rotsler and Paul Turner at Westercon XIX in 1966. Photo by Len Moffatt.

By John Hertz: Bjo Trimble has been inspiring us all for a while.

The way to write her name, incidentally, sometimes doesn’t get through the dark glass of software. A circumflex “^” goes over the “j”, being an Esperantism to show one says “Bee-joe”.

She knows so much and can do so much, and has, that she’s hard to describe briefly. You can look up her early days, and her husband John Trimble’s, in Harry Warner’s book A Wealth of Fable.

She won’t take credit for inventing s-f con Art Shows, but she earned it. She did a lot for Star Trek, the Society for Creative Anachronism, her and my local club the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Flesh Gordon (yes, I meant to spell it that way), and fanzines, being herself a leading fanartist, and a fine fanwriter as you’ll see in a moment.

The earliest recipient of the Big Heart Award alive, she’s been dyeing for years. She was Fan Guest of Honor at the 6th NASFiC; she and John were conjoint Fan Guests of Honor at the 60th Worldcon. At the 17th Worldcon she moderated the most remarkable panel discussion in Worldcon history, which started Sunday night, still had sixty people at two in the morning, and ran till 4:30 a.m. We’ll have a NASFiC in the same town this summer.

You may have heard of the Harlan Ellison – Bill Rotsler Egg Adventure at Westercon XIX in 1966. I mentioned it myself in File 770 136. She set the record straight with a letter of comment in De Profundis 493.

In the interests of art as well as science, we thought we’d answer this one question: How do you draw a smiley-face on a fried egg? Since we were at that breakfast, mainly because it’s always entertaining to share a meal with Harlan, we can verify this.

First, you have to get said fried egg to a totally solid state. That’s why Harlan didn’t want to eat it. Rotsler always carried felt-nib pens for quick-draw. While Harlan was raising a fuss with a waiter who obviously didn’t give a damn who Harlan was, or why he was yelling about an egg, Rotsler pulled the plate with the offending egg to himself and quickly drew the face. Then Bill silently slid the egg back in front of Harlan.

When others at the table saw the egg, there was general hilarity, which of course enraged Harlan even more. The waiter looked down at the enhanced egg, did not smile, and walked away, causing another explosion from Harlan. Then he saw the egg, glared at Rotsler who looked back as if he had no idea about all this, and Harlan decided it was funny.

John and I were running that Westercon Art Show, so we should not have been surprised when Rotsler walked in with the egg still on its plate, and registered it as an entry in the Art Show. It was displayed, with a bid sheet. Then some upper-level hotel staff member saw it and demanded that it be removed. We showed him the art paperwork that made it a legit art object, and he stalked off.

Another, higher-level hotel person showed up to demand that the egg be removed “for health reasons”. John pointed out that the egg was so ossified that it had passed beyond food into fossil, and qualified for exhibition. The Art Show was ignored by the hotel after that, except by the hotel housekeeper in charge of that room, who wanted to know if she should dust the egg or not.

The egg sold to someone, but I believe we had to find a paper plate for it as the hotel threatened to charge the convention an outrageous sum for their “valuable” plate. They didn’t want to break up the set.

2014 FAAn Awards Voting Begins

Ballots for the 2014 Fan Activity Achievement Awards (FAAns) can be cast through April 5. Anyone interested in science fiction fanzines is invited to vote.

Awards are presented in eight categories: Best Genzine, Best Personal Fanzine, Best Single Issue, Best Web­site, Best Fanzine Cover, Best Fan Artist, Best Fan Writer and the Harry Warner Jr. Memorial Award for Best Letterhack.

  • A Genzine (General Interest Fanzine) is any fanzine with a significant amount of material by authors other than the editor, or with a multiplicity of editors.
  • A Personal Fanzine is any fanzine in which the editor produces all or nearly all its content.
  • Fan Writing is presented in a fannish context, e.g. fanzines, apas, fannish blogs, fan websites and social media.
  • Fan Art is likewise presented in a fannish context, in fanzines and other forms of publication created by science fiction fans, in any media.

Voters will be invited to register their top three choices in each category. The first choice will receive three points, the sec­ond choice two points and the third choice will receive one point. After all ballots are counted, the highest point total in each category will determine the winner.

Click on the link for the 2014 FAAn Awards ballot [PDF file].

Only one ballot per person. Votes may be submitted via e-mail or in paper form – see instructions on the ballot. The winners will be announced at the Corflu 31 banquet.

[Thanks to Nic Farey for the story.]

Jim Barker Wins 2013 Rotsler Award

Jim Barker, the Scottish fanartist, has won the 2013 Rotsler Award, given for long-time artistic achievement in amateur publications of the science fiction community. Established in 1998, the award carries an honorarium of US$300.

Barker is renowned for his instant cartoons and prolific output. His sharp sense of humor and drawing skills have enriched fanzines and carried over to his work as a graphic artist and illustrator – see

Barker is a past Hugo Award nominee and winner of the Checkpoint newszine poll for Best Fanartist.

The Rotsler Award is sponsored by the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests, a non-profit corporation, which in 2006 hosted the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention. The award is named for the late Bill Rotsler, a talented and prolific artist over many years. Claire Brialey, Mike Glyer, and John Hertz are the current judges.

The award was announced on Saturday, November 30, 2012, at Loscon, the annual Los Angeles SF convention. This year’s convention was Loscon 40.

For more about the Rotsler Award, visit

2014 Patrick Wynne Calendar

calendarpagesPopular mythopoeic fanartist Patrick Wynne has assembled a collection of his humorous illos into the 2014 Patrick Wynne Cartoon Calendar .

The format of the desk calendar is 4 x 6 inches in plastic jewel case. Each month is printed on photo-quality paper.

Calendars are $10 each, plus $5 standard shipping within the U.S. Ordering information is on the webpage .

Wynne also promises, “A book of my fantasy illustrations is also in the works, so keep your eyes peeled. But not literally, because that would be gross.”

[Via Lynn Maudlin.]