Catmosphere: Cat Café Has an SF Theme

By Hampus Eckerman: Feeling a bit depressed about my continuing illness, I thought I would choose to cheer myself up by visiting Sydney’s cat café. As it was but 15-minute walk from my hotel, it was at just my limit for walking before growing too tired.

Fittingly enough, Sydney’s cat café has a Science Fiction theme. It is called Catmosphere and its cats are named things such as Tardis, Neil Pawstrong and Obi-Wan Catobi. Apart from just sitting on the floor and petting a cat, they also have the possibility to do cat Yoga or watch a movie together with the cats.

I chose the kitten experience for myself. I was lucky to be alone for 30 minutes with a group of very excited kittens who played hide-and-seek around my cardigan and selected my backpack as the Best. Toy. Ever.

All kittens, just as the older cats, are rescue kittens. The money for the visit goes to feeding them, giving them a place to live and adjust to humans and hopefully get adopted. I feel both lucky and sad that I live in another country, otherwise I surely would have adopted them all.

The cat café does not serve food as yet, so you are limited to coffee, tea and other beverages.

Some person involved must be artistically inclined, because they sell adorable pins created in the likeness of the cats.

But here’s the main surprise. Turns out that a very special cat well-known to us filers has been involved. That’s right – Timothy! On the website is shown Timothy in an astonishingly good disguise. He must be sneaking off to do charity work when no one notices him. Everything to not destroy his image. Under his purple fur beats a heart of gold! So know you know where he goes when he “just want to take a stroll along the neighborhood,” Camestros!

Catmosphere can be found just 10 minutes walk from Central Station. Its website can be found here: Catmosphere.

15 thoughts on “Catmosphere: Cat Café Has an SF Theme

  1. How wonderful, Hampus! Thank you for sharing!

    (also, I hope that you’re feeling better 🙂 )

  2. Kittens might not be able to hunt microbes and viruses, but they are certainly good at chasing away the doldrums that come with illness! What a charming place, and I do hope you feel better soon.

    (I’d say you should have entitled this “Cats Sleep On SF Reader”…. except, kittens. So probably they did no sleeping… <grin> )

  3. They did absolutely no sleeping whatsoever. But I went there in the morning when they are the most enthusiastic. They are supposed to be more mellow at midday.

  4. While I think a kitten experience would be the greatest it would also be far too tempting to rescue them all

  5. I have a good collection of viruses at the moment and could do with more! kittens!
    And yes I would bring too many of them home.

  6. Sorry you’re not feeling well, but how exciting to learn that Timothy is engaged on secret charity work!

    You have given those kittens a whole new adventure in humans. How often do they get to climb all over a human from the other side of the planet? You couldn’t adopt any, but they’re more prepared now to make a truly informed selection of which humans will be prompted, through kitty mind control, to “decide” to adopt!

  7. I’m more inclined to think Timothy has been sentenced to community service than that he’s a secret philanthropist.

    Sorry you’re feeling unwell, Hampus. And those are the most adorable kittens ever.

  8. That looks like a lovely place. We do have a cat café in Bremen, but it’s just a regular café with several cats living on the grounds, not like this.

    Get well soon, Hampus. I hope the cute kitties helped.

  9. Adorable! I hope they helped you feel better, Hampus. And good work discovering Timothy’s secret identity!

  10. Tim must have been using mind-control on Cam so he didn’t know the cafe was there. The jig’s up now.

    @Cheryl S.: I am certain you’re correct.

    I hope the kitten therapy helped.

    (Current mood: Hiding from trick or treaters.)

  11. Wow, this is wonderful!

    I volunteer in cat rescue, so there are almost always foster cats in my house (currently, 2 adults, 2 kittens), along with my 4 permanent cats (1 of whom was my foster and returned to us after a year due to behavior issues the family couldn’t resolve, and 3 who I adopted from this rescue group in 2014–which is how I first got involved).

    There is also a cat café in the northern suburbs here–quite far from my house, so I’ve only been there once. A very nice place. But not a inventively themed as this café in Oz you’ve shown us!

    (Ironically, I consider myself a dog person.)

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