Cats Lounge on SFF:
Ancillary Justice

JJ introduces an addition to the household:

The e-reader doesn’t show up well, but here is Penwiper with the new Ancillary Cat, in front of Ann Leckie’s multi-award-winning novel, which is a great comfort read in these troubling times.

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10 thoughts on “Cats Lounge on SFF:
Ancillary Justice

  1. Awesome! Is the elder coping okay with the new addition? We’ve been thinking of getting a new friend for Crowley, but I’m a littlle concerned with jealousy issues.

  2. Cliff: Is the elder coping okay with the new addition? We’ve been thinking of getting a new friend for Crowley, but I’m a littlle concerned with jealousy issues.

    I’ve always had good luck introducing a new kitten to an existing cat (this is the 4th time), but it’s always been done within 1-4 weeks of the previous cat’s departure, and I think that they’ve been missing their companion so a new one is welcome. You have to keep them apart at first and gradually let them get used to each other in stages. And you very much have to be sure to give the older cat lots of attention to reassure them that they are still important and loved.

    The one time I tried to merge my friend’s adult cat into my 2 cats, it was a disaster with lots of acting out and money spent repeatedly laundering bedding (including an absolutely lovely surprise gift waiting on my pillow when I got out of the shower one day), so the friend’s cat had to be re-homed elsewhere.

    This photo was taken at 8 days. The first 2 days the kitten was either in their small introductory room or the bedroom with the older cat elsewhere, with some limited time in the bedroom together with me watching closely. The third night when I got home from work, we were all in the bedroom all evening, and they seemed to be coexisting peacefully even if not necessarily friendly, so that night I let the kitten stay out all night and just kept an ear peeled while I slept.

    It took more than a week for them to get comfortable enough that they were actually playing together, though; before that he would sit up high and watch her as if he was saying “WTF is this???”. She watches him closely and follows him around and mimics what he does, like a little Mini-Me. It’s great entertainment.

  3. Yay, kitten!!! I do about the same as JJ when introducing new cats. First isolation in own room, but older cat will gradually get accustomed to the smell. Then let them see each other with some kind of barrier between for short times. Then let them meet each other for short periods and lastly let the kitten out.

    It has been a bit random how long time it took. For Eddie to get used to Vlad, it took almost two weeks, because Vlad was a bengal on speed, hyperexcited and filled with energy, couldn’t leave Eddie alone. Sir Scrittles was nicer, so it was maybe only a week. Nevyn was used to maneuvering other cats, coming from a crazy cat lady with 120 cats, so him I could let out in just two days with no problems.

  4. Thanks both for the advice!

    @JJ They definitely seem very comfortable with each other now. Congrats!

  5. @JJ: Lovely book, and the cats aren’t bad, either. 😉 (Seriously, what beauts!)

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