Cats Sleep on SFF: Black Tides of Heaven

Joe H. asks:

How about SFF on a (not-entirely-sleeping) cat?

This is Jin, and the work in question is JY Yang’s Black Tides of Heaven. This is what usually happens when I try to lay on the couch and read.

Photos of other felines resting on genre works are welcome. Send to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

13 thoughts on “Cats Sleep on SFF: Black Tides of Heaven

  1. Now I’m going to have this going through my head (Because my brain always remembers it as “a little black cat with yellow-green eyes”)

  2. I actually just watched that special for the first time last December. Weird, weird, weird stuff.

    And a great song! although while he’s a black cat with yellow-green eyes, “little” really isn’t the word — last time we went to the vet, I think he topped the scales at something over 17 lbs. (As opposed to his brother, who weighed in at “only” about 12 lbs.)

  3. I was at someone’s house for the first time, and her cat came downstairs. I looked at this great black hulk of fur, and said, “Look, Colin! It’s like a little Pax!”

    First time she’d ever heard her cat called little.

    (Pax, the cat of a different friend, was over 20 lbs, solid black, with fangs that stuck out. THIS friend would comment on our average-sized cats as “tiny”.)

  4. My previous cat, Bart, peaked at somewhere around 20 lbs., but he looked kind of like a pumpkin with legs at that point in his life.

  5. That’s a beautiful cat.

    I love big black cats the most and have been fortunate to have had three of them.

  6. @Joe H: so does he just try to take precedence after you’ve hit the couch? (My last would give me a serious where’s-my-lap-dammit glare if I got anywhere near my normal reading seat and didn’t sit down.)

  7. @Chip Hitchcock — Neither of mine are particularly lap cats (their one minor flaw). In this case, what happens is when I decide to lay down on the couch to read (on my stomach with the Kindle propped against the arm of the couch in front of me), Jin will jump up and lay in the corner between the arm & the seat of the couch, so I end up having to rest the Kindle directly on the cat.

    Oh, and he often also decides that my hands and/or arms are in serious need of grooming at the time.

    (And it’s kind of amazing — even if he’s not in the same room at the time, once I lay down he’ll often come strolling in.)

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