9 thoughts on “Cats Sleep on SFF: Castle Hangnail

  1. Well, helpful is pushing it. Last night she did that rolling around, meowing and rubbing her head trick on the box of colored pencils my daughter was trying to use to do her homework. She even went so far as to snag the box with her claws and try to drag it away to roll around on.

    Too bad there is no audio, you could hear her meowing. She is definitely keen, but she is a venus cat trap. Try to pet her while she is doing this and she becomes all teeth and claws.

  2. I used to scritch my flatmates’ cat’s belly with rolled up newspaper – which got shredded in the process of course.

  3. A cat named Pixel? A beautiful cat? Actually on a book? And one written by a Filer? 😀 I’m happy. And that name!

    @Hampus Eckerman: 🙂

    @RedWombat: You know you’ve made it when a cat’s resting on your book in a photo at File 770!

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