Cats Sleep on SFF: Cone of Shame

Lurkertype sent a medical update:

Not sleeping on any, but here’s the long-suffering and over-priced TK, whom Filers rallied around to the tune of about $1300 (Sadly, the tune goes on for several more verses, between $6 and $7K). Thank you so much for the money and the messages of support, regardless of donations.

Please enjoy the maximum humiliation of Cone of Shame, shaved forearm, and giant bald tummy/udder. I wanted to make sure you guys got your money’s worth.

He’s off painkillers, no longer hiding in the closet, getting bored, and the cone comes off Wednesday along with the last of the antibiotics.

Photos of other felines resting on genre works (or the floor) are welcome. Send to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

14 thoughts on “Cats Sleep on SFF: Cone of Shame

  1. It’s surprising to me how long that hair takes to grow back in. Cats have A LOT of hair.

    I hope TK will continue to recover well!

  2. Poor guy! Best wishes for a speedy recovery from me and from my own credentials.

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  4. I remember when Feina was in her Catellite Dish and was on painkillers at the same time. It was one of the rare times when Steph and I could see Ramses (our other credential) watching out for her.

    I miss those two, and I’m very glad your precious one is recovering.

  5. I did wonder if the free HBO over the weekend was brought in by him but it appears to have been all over.

    Thank you for the sympathy. I’m sure it’ll comfort me when I’m awakened again by the scratch of claws on cone, or the bonking of cone into some part of my face and head.

    He has forgiven us the cone, but not the meds and being confined to the room.

    I was planning a few days earlier to stick some SF near him, but he’s moving too fast these days.

    @lauowolf: it took him a few days to master eating with the cone on, so the first couple times, I was awakened by a stinky cone smashing into me.

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