8 thoughts on “Cats Sleep on SFF: Neverwhere

  1. Seems to me a cat might not like being near that book if it knew what the Rat-Speakers ate.

  2. I purposely didn’t give his name because he hasn’t settled on one yet. He is a rescue and they’d called him Aidan at the shelter in the hopes that a trendy name would increase his chance of adoption. When we took him home, we got his papers from the country animal control place where he’d been before the shelter and those papers said (from the people who turned him in to animal control) his name was Ace in one place and Abe in the other. We did not care for any of those names. First he was Dickens (because he is a Little Dickens) and then Barger (because he has a habit of pushing his way into the bathroom when it is occupied in hopes of getting a drink from the sink) and also Buttons (because he has little white buttons on his chest) and pretty much something different every day. Probably Dickens is his name. That was first. But we don’t really call him that.

    I suppose we could call him Anon. Or maybe I should name him Camestros Felapton and solve that mystery once and for all.

    But he is very pretty and sweet.

  3. @Lis Carey:

    At some point, if you continue to provide quality reading & sleeping material, he’ll tell you what his name is.

    I think that means his name is Gleep. He says it all the time.

  4. Little Camestros is a very pretty cat indeed. And that is an excellent picture. Photographing black cats is not easy.

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