Cats Sleep on SFF: Robots vs. Fairies

Arifel begins with an apology — “for (1) not following the rules of the feature and (2) not even being original in my rule breaking, a picture of my doggo niece Joey being rudely awoken by a human posing her with the Robots vs. Fairies anthology, edited by Dominik Parisen and Navah Wolfe.

“In the second picture, you can see the results of attempting this shot a few minutes earlier with her big sister Tammy, who was not having any of it. I think she’s more of a long form fan.”

Photos of your felines (or whateverines) resting on genre works are welcome. Send to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

9 thoughts on “Cats Sleep on SFF: Robots vs. Fairies

  1. They look like dangerous beasts, their primary form of attack is to expose their bellies and implore you to scritch them?

  2. Luckily for my reading time, and overall productivity, they aren’t my full time responsibilities! Their real humans are away a fair bit this month so I’ve offered to take on the burden of belly rubs and ear scrunches (and, you know, some feeding and stuff) in return for lots of dog cuddles, playing and general excitement. Then I get to give them back when I need a night’s sleep that isn’t interrupted by Concerned Paws to the face at 6am.

    I imagine this is similar to being an Auntie to humans, except all the presents I buy for them are meat instead of books…

  3. Such cute nieces you have!

    But, when they’re not visiting, jowvdo you wake up in the morning without Concerned Paws to the face?

  4. Very cute. Are those rescues?

    It’s probably just a coincidence, but Joey looks rather like a Carolina dog. Did they happen to come from the South?

  5. @Lis Carey I know, it’s a mystery to me too! Certainly I wouldn’t be getting up at 6am without these helpful pups…

    @Contrarius They are both rescued street dogs, taken in when they were very young because they needed medical attention and then adopted into the family. Tammy was unfortunately abandoned by her mother too young, and still has some anxiety from that which means she’s not great around strangers or other new experiences, but Joey is very well-adjusted and welcoming to all despite her feral beginnings!
    As for breed, they’re basically the southeast Asian version of the Indian Pariah Dog – it makes sense that they’re similar to the Carolina dog as that’s also originally a landrace rather than a human-created breed. Although Tammy must have mixed heritage somewhere down the line to have picked up those floppy ears.

    (P.S. For those who would like a non-blurry photo of big sister, here’s one from a couple of weeks ago of her attempting to steal a bread roll…)

  6. @Arifel —

    Yes! Pariah dog types across the world converging back towards the archetype. Thanks for the background on those two! πŸ™‚

  7. @Arifeld: Mighty-fine – and mighty-short-haired πŸ˜‰ – cats! I approve. And what I like best – SJW credentials big enough to sink your teeth into! Tiny dogs are fine, but sometimes only larger puppies will do. This is my interpretation of their reactions:

    Joey: Don’t disturb my rest KTHXBYE. (Followed by a huge off-screen yawn, I’m sure.)

    Tammy: (lick) Don’t take my book. (lick, lick, nuzzle) I’m busy, but I’ll get back to page 36 in a bit. (SLOBBER) Wut?

    “. . . Concerned Paws to the face at 6am.”

    ROFL! Also LOL at the bread-stealing photo you linked to. πŸ™‚

    Here in 5634, we’re still awoken by doggie-woggies.

  8. THOSE ARE VERY BIG CATS! (JK, what cuties! Looks like rumpus time around there!)

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