7 thoughts on “Cats Sleep on SFF: The Goblin Emperor

  1. Of course Magpie is irritated. How can she sleep on the book when you’re holding it?

  2. Also, I paused in petting her to take the pic. Unconscionable!

  3. She’s actually a tuxedo cat! But the only white showing in this pic is her whiskers. She and her enemy, Betty, are both tuxedo cats with no white above the jawline. Pogo is a ginger and white, and has no white on his face, either. But they all have white whiskers, chins, bellies, and feet.

    ETA: I did have a black cat until a couple of years ago, Shadow, a stubby-tailed presumed Manx descendant. He lived to be nearly 20 and I loved him dearly.

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